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miniature tiles (4mm- 1/2 inch)

updated mon 23 jun 03


Helen Bates on sun 22 jun 03

Sorry about the mixed units in the subject line...

S.H. Lajoie - The Miniature Tile / Mosaic Home Page (Portland, OR, USA)

Miniature Mosaic Tiles for Dollhouses and Mosaic Creations (polymer clay)
Size Chart
Length x Width Thickness Price each
5 mm square by 1.2 mm 3 cents
4 mm square by 1.2 mm 3 cents

Mosaic Basics (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Tiny Tiles By the pound - 3/8" square tiles, available in ceramic or
vitreous glass.

Minerva Smith and Steve Baer - Mosaic Tile Supply (South El Monte, CA, USA)

Tiny Tiles - Italiana Mosaic - Vitreous Tiles Oceana Line
Click the button next to "Products", then the one next to " 3/8" Italian
Tiny Tiles."
Each tile is 3/8" x 3/8" vitreous glass mosaic tile. Tile thickness 4mm.

Cyclops Mosaic Tile

Ceramic & Glass 3/8" Tiny Mosaic Tiles

Ebay has a number of entries for cut china tile of various patterns of
which this is one:

eBay item 2329534730 (Ends Jun-22-03 12:41:01 PDT ) - Mosaic tiles
Tiny Vintage PINK WILLOW 250+! (Sizes appear to be from 1/4 " to 3/4 ".

Jan's Doll House and Miniatures

TeenieTiles - Miniature transfer printed "Ceramic" Tiles (1/2 ")


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