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ancient southwestern (us) pottery was: re: ancient greek pottery

updated thu 26 jun 03


Zoe Paddy Johnson on tue 24 jun 03

I worked as an archaeologist when younger here in the US Southwest,
specifically with a Chacoan site (Salmon Ruin). I am fascinated with
Chacoan pottery and it's development. Does anyone recreate it? Are there
any good references? I am especially interested in the tall Chaco B/W
jars, now theorized to have been drums. I know the Chacoan stuff I saw was
always beautiful.

Joe Coniglio on wed 25 jun 03

Hi Zoe,


Over the past year I've been in contact with Clint Swink he is a very
knowledgable man in the area you are seeking. Academian, potter, recreator
of ancient ways that have been 1) Forgotten by ancient descendants alive
today, or 2) not shared by ancient descendants. "Show me where you dig your
clay" :-) LOL

A great deal of analysis is involved. He can be reached at

Traditional methods are still used by ancient descendants today: mining the
clay, preparing it, developing slips and pigments, using pukis (forms) used
in coiling, pit firing.

By the same token, many ancient descendants do not use the above methods,
preferring to buy clay bodies and fire in kilns like every body else.

Hence, collectively anthropologists, historians, ancient descendants and even
material scientists all come together to arrive at answers.

Joe Coniglio

Joe Coniglio on wed 25 jun 03

Oh this page directly relates from Clints site: