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galleries in lancing- east lansing

updated fri 27 jun 03


Kin Cook on tue 24 jun 03

I'm planning to be in the Lansing - East Lansing MI area for a few
days in July. I'd appreciate any information on Galleries and Pottery
Studios/Showrooms in the area. Thanks!


Judith S. Labovitz on wed 25 jun 03

How interesting,,,you are the 2nd Clayarter in as many weeks who is coming
to Lansing Mich....we have many neat attractions, but galleries, museums
and pottery studios are not usually among the reasons folks come here!!!

at any rate, we have 2 pottery cooperatives....The Greater Lansing
Potters' Guild, and Clayworks....we have some neat museums, but
again, pottery is not their strong point....The (State of) Michigan
museum, and the Michigan State (University) museum are both
fascinating; The Lansing Art Gallery and the Kresge Art museum (at MSU)
have various exhibits....not large or famous....but worth seeing if you
have the time.

There are a bunch of small galleries scattered around...I think the Chamber
of Commerce and/or the Art Council have publications addressing these areas...

we have a pretty nice zoo, and the MSU campus is beautiful with wonderful

community theatre thrives here and there are often some good local productions.

If you email me off-line perhaps we can arrange something, depending
upon what days in July you plan to be personal life is getting a
little complicated in July, with houseguests, travel and having the house
repainted inside (as bad as moving!!!) addition to my volunteer work at
the local hospital and child abuse taskforce....but if the timing is
right, I'd be happy to show you around mid-michigan (other than for MSU home football games, usually
NOT a tourist thing!!!)

At 10:04 PM 6/24/03 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm planning to be in the Lansing - East Lansing MI area for a few
>days in July. I'd appreciate any information on Galleries and Pottery
>Studios/Showrooms in the area. Thanks!
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karen gringhuis on thu 26 jun 03

Judy said it all beautifully. As an MSU grad and
native of EL, I especially liked the part about the
MSU gardens.

If it's still going, Mackerel Sky is a craft gallery
in EL. Also ck yellow pages for Okemos, just east of
EL. I think ceramist Mark Chatterly lives there.

If you get to Ann Arbor, the art Assoc has a lovely
shop on Liberty St. Also Selo-Shevel (?) Gallery.

Karen Gringhuis
KG Pottery
Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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