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sawdust clay (dale)

updated sun 29 jun 03


Robert Huskey on sat 28 jun 03

Dale , maybe you could coat the inside of the planter with a vitreous slip
( or semi-vitreous if you want some porosity).

Bob Huskey --
Tallahassee , Florida

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From: "dalecochoy"
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2003 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: Sawdust Clay

> Nancy,
> I had that brainstorm a couple years ago :>) I had no problem with mixing
> it in by hand or even throwing it. But, where it was a problem for
> left pots too porous which is a no-no for bonsai pots and the only
> was to glaze them inside , also a no-no to bonsai people (
> ask! ) so it made them "unsellable". These are probably not concerns of
> yours however unless you plan on planting in them. . But, I did use a
> myself with some small plants with no complaints. And, suprisingly, they
> survived a winter which I didn't expect. It musta been the inside glaze.
> Although not suitable for my speciality, bonsai pottery, they did have
> nice effects and all fired ok.
> Regards,
> Dale Cochoy