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new directory for guilds, galleries and art groups

updated mon 30 jun 03


Bob Nicholson on sun 29 jun 03

Many ClayArt members belong to Guilds, galleries,
and other art groups. Some of your groups are already
listed in the directory of ceramics guilds and
organizations maintained by the Orchard Valley Ceramic
Arts Guild, on our website at

Since I've seen so much interest in the directory, I've
decided to launch a new website, to provide directory
listings for all sorts of art guilds, galleries, schools,
and museums. The listings will be absolutely free, since
the site will be paid for by ad revenues. (This new site
is a private venture, and is not associated with the
Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild.)

Tne new site is now operational, and ready for people
to try. I'd really love to get some art groups listed
in the directory, and some feedback on the site, before
we make a public announcement.

So if you belong to an art group and you can spare a
few minutes, please go to my new site and sign up
for your free directory listing. The address is:

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me
a note. Thanks!

- Bob Nicholson

PS - As you'll see when you visit the site, we'll be
taking precautions to protect the e-mail addresses of
everyone who signs up, to prevent "spammers" from using
your address.