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ot: aquarium lighting?

updated tue 1 jul 03


primalmommy on sun 29 jun 03

A while back we were talking about pottery in an aquarium.. I remember a
post from an aquarium expert about creating a plant friendly space for a
natural look. Now I am wondering if there is a bulb that would make a
tarantula happy and at the same time support light-hungry cacti. Can
anyone advise? Thanks...
Kelly in Ohio

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john mertens on mon 30 jun 03


If you have a 1/2 decent aquarium store anywhere around your area ask for a
6500 K light bulb/ t.l.-good for plants,fish and birds/My sungazer lizard is
now 25+ years old and doing well with it as are all my tropical birds and
Please give your beasty one of your pots (2nds) as a hidebox-works for my
Regards and good luck
Jan Mertens