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exciting news from london

updated thu 3 jul 03


Joyce Lee on wed 2 jul 03

I am so excited and happy for you, Jenny. To me,
here in the desert with a few good trips to London
and northern England spread throughout my
long life, your description sounds
incredibly romantic..... and yet practical
in the odd
melange of thoughts you conjure for my imagination.
Every potter's dream. AND those wonderful
trains that take you into the city whenever you
choose! I often read English and Scottish authors
and relish each description of the countryside and
daily life ..... the BeansOnToast.... been drinking
tea..... strong English tea.. for 12 years now since
my last trip to the UK. Unfortunately, when I
offer BeansOnToast and strong tea for a bit of
a bite around here, they think I'm dotty. Wonder
what desert food is, anyway? The old miners
were thrilled to have BeansOnToast, I'll wager.

You HAVE to keep Clayart informed as to each
move ..... Congratulations, you
gutsy woman.

In the Mojave wishing that Just Once I could
attend Aberystwyth (or pronounce it .... tell me
how, please). I'd likely never come to earth
again .... and don't suggest that I'm being
or "too emotional" or whatever..... I know many
of you must share the same feeling. Please,
Jacqui, Richard, Russell and I hope many others,
us some detailed info about your experience,
also..... the smells, the sights, the colors,
the weather, the mix of folk ...... that would be
too grand....... wish Janet could make it. Have
I ever bored you with how At Home I felt in
England and Scotland?? Immediately I was in
my comfort zone ... the more northern, the
better...... at least, in the summer time. The
one spot in the U.S. which I've felt the same
was Whidbey Island, Washington ... lived there
five years ..... wasn't surprised at all to learn
(I hope correctly) that the latitude, weather, all
those measurements that tell us where we are=20
in space,
is very close to that of northernish England. If
it's not true, I don't want to know..........

And, of course, the physical characteristics of
the mountain folk who resided in my first love,
homebase of Kentucky Appalachian mountains
for most of my initial formative 20 years,
were reflected
everywhere my eyes lingered in the U.K.