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glazing double walled pierced bowls.

updated sat 5 jul 03


Elca Branman on thu 3 jul 03

Aha.....Thanks ..too late for this batch and I doubt that I'll do
more , but a great solution.

Isn't Clayart the Google of our world?

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003 15:48:27 -0500 Dannon Rhudy writes:
he wants the OUTSIDE of the
> inner bowl to be a different color than the outside of the whole
> thing (this for pieces with pierced carving). He does it thusly: when
the green
> bowl is finished and ready for carving, he washes the hollow exterior
> with a colored slip. Just quickly pours it in and out. When it has
> he does his pierced carving. Bisque fires. Then he waxes any part
> that he does not want to glaze, and glazes as usual. This makes some
> stunning pieces, with the (usually darker) inside showing through
> the piercing.
> regards
> Dannon Rhudy
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Elca Branman

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