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the wood ash challenge and my bad eyes

updated wed 9 jul 03


Ababi on tue 8 jul 03

A few months ago Dave Finkelnburg wrote an article about Mark Isenberg's
ash glazed wares.
I wanted to read the article of my clay =96 pal but somehow did not find
the time.
When I decided to read it I found the letters in the CM too small.
Solution: The scanner=20
Result one: I realized that time to change my reading glasses has
Result two: When you look at the scanned works they look even more
beautiful than in the glossy pages of the CM.

As a formally (formulated) glaze addict I decided to try to make in my
electric kiln such works ( or almost such works) as Mark is doing in
his woodfire kiln. Do not worry Mark I will not compete you!

The Electric kiln is great - I think if we want to explain the common
person why we have (or dream about) wood kiln: It is like having steak
on the electric pan or in the barbecue!

Reading your last letter to the list, Mark, gave me a better hint. I
shall try your "secret recipe" adjusted to ^6 and to the red clay I have
that is richer with alumina.
HOWEVER: I might have the answer. One of the tests I made in order to
learn the curie's grid without wasting too much money on materials (
when I mixed them badly or poured to the wrong cups and had to dump)
Was the ash and soil, I chose number 17 to be mine but perhaps corner C
or near it would be better- perhaps without the coloring.=20

Cone 6 1222 deg.C. - =09

soil 40.00
pine ash 40.00
Laguna Borate 20.00 (Laguna borate from my point of view is a material
to finish and not re buying)
Tin Oxide 5.00
Red Iron Oxide 1.00
You can see it in=20

in the next row you can see my CT ash grid
C is

Cone 6 1222 deg.C. - =09

pine ash 83.33
Wollastonite 16.66
Tin Oxide 7.00
Chrome Oxide 3.50

Seger Weight%
KNO 0.356 33.50%
CaO 0.505 31.90%
MgO 0.139 6.30%
Al2O3 0.003 0.35%
P2O5 0.053 8.50%
SiO2 0.288 19.46%
K2O 0.239 25.29%
Na2O 0.118 8.21%
Al:Si 94.94=09
Expan. 17.21=09
ST 278.41=09

This is for now


Ababi Sharon

Glaze addict

Kibbutz Shoval Israel