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slip sliding away-richard

updated fri 11 jul 03


clennell on fri 11 jul 03

Dear Richard A:
I just went thru the digital nonsense. bought books, talked and shopped. I
bought a $400 Canon for web and many applications. I still need good
quality slides. Digital ain't there yet. The photgraphy guy at Sheridan has
a $15,000 digital and he says it ain't up to snuff with a good slide from my
$500 Pentax 35mm.
CM, CT wants- slides, grant applications- slides, juried shows in Canada at
least- slides.
Not to say one can't be fooled with slides. Many years ago I was juried to
work with others at Mick Cassons in England. The opening evening we showed
slides of our work. A woman from Isreal showed her slides. I thought holy
cack she is good, giant porcelain vases. Mick was impressed as well. Turned
out they were minatures. the Cassons were embarassed and pissed off.
The Cassons had slipped and asked for slides not dimensions. I am sure never
to happen again.
Kick ash in Michigan at the Ann Arbour gig. If the burr in your saddle gets
you too bitchy and grumpy, you know there is a place under a tree here for
Misery loves company.