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updated sat 12 jul 03


Lee Love on fri 11 jul 03

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From: "mel jacobson"

> levels of culture, we have to be aware of the levels. we cannot
> say things like...`japan is cultural`.

You know what I miss most about American culture?

I miss Thai food cooked by a cook from Thailand (Man, I miss the Rau
Mit in St. Paul!), Greek food cooked by Greeks (I miss _It's Greek To Me!_ on
Lake Street!), I want some Potatoes O'brian, a grilled cheese sandwich and a
chocolate malt from the St. Paul Diner! Chinese food cooked by Chinese, Mock
Duck cooked by a Vietnamese, Chicago style thick crust pizza! I don't wan
no octopus and raw bacon on my pizza!. Hold the squid ink sauce on the pasta!
:^) Makes your teeth black!

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