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studio parrots and pets (two) - (more an incidental 'bird'

updated thu 17 jul 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 16 jul 03

foray...than a Clay one...)

And...overall too, I noticed this...

(In my experience with Birds...)

The one's I had flying about the house, on my shoulders and
on the Curtain rods and
what-not as they may, had some tastes in 'Music' for

The Pigeons and Sparrows and (adolescent) Mocking Birds (
read 'miniature' Tyrannesaurus Rex' with 'Wings) liked very
much, those Popular
'Dance Tunes' as I have many of on 78s, from the 'teens
through the early '30s...they did not like 'Big Band' ( and
neither do I, generally)...and loathed 'Sinatra' ( as
generally do I) etc...

I would notice this when I did House-Cleaning, as such was
and is my 'cleaning' Music....whilst sometimes I had the
Radio on instead or 'on' in some incidental otherwise of

They hated, HATED ( Mocking Birds especially HATED, but the
Pigeons and Sparrows could be seen to cringe as well, at)
'barbra-streisand', 'kenny-gee', 'neil-sedaka', 'neil
diamond too I think...and many others whose names escape me
right now...

Whilst among their most favourites of all were those tunes
as say, resemble the Sound Track ( or background music) of
the motion picture film "Crumb"...

They'd just 'brighten' right up like little 'light-bulbs'...



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From: "e wilson farrington"
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 4:13 PM
Subject: Re: Studio parrots and pets

Hi Patty!
I am the proud guardian of three parrots, one pigeon, and
two budgies. I do not allow them in my studio ever due to
whatever airborn particles manage to accumulate.
You probably know about birds having air sacs in
addition to lungs, and why they are subject to so many
respiratory ailments. I would think that a ceramics studio
would be one of the absolute WORST places to keep a parrot
of any type. (You know that old "canary in a coal mine"
scenario, they used canaries for this very reason)
I closely monitor any smoke, fumes, teflon pans,
cleaners, and general dust in my home to keep them as
healthy as possible. Although I adore my feathered buddies
and would love to have them near me, I make sure I never
subject them to any clay dust whatsoever. Call me
overprotective, but as of this writing my (LOUD--SHOULD HAVE
Hector (should have named her "Heckler") is going on 20
years and is doing exceptionally well.
If I am preaching the the choir, please forgive me.
Eclectus are lovely parrots and I wish yours a long and
healthy life!


PS: I don't even let my dogs in the studio unless it is
really clean. They love to lick the floor!

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