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hanging platter

updated sun 27 jul 03


Joyce Lee on sat 26 jul 03

Thank you, claybuds, for the suggestions both
on list and the many I received off list. I am
jazzed ..... this is going to work this time,
and I know all these superb ideas will enable
many others to hang their work more securely,
too ....... another joy of Clayart ... maybe we
can't each offer much help to the buds directly,
our questions can generate
responses which will help us all. Or perhaps
you've noted that .......

AND I do have molds of this saucer-sled pan.
Waaayy back when I first started I mentioned
the possibility, which #1 Support Person jumped
on ..... first having to learn how to make molds,
he bought a book and a video .... was disappointed
when he discovered that I didn't need an assembly
line of molds ... that I might well never use them.
But they're lurking on the top shelves waiting for
an opportunity to serve. As my need for the moment=20
is more toward slab building, their day is here.=20
#1 is happy, as are the molds ...=20

So I have both a slump and a hump mold for
this project. I know they work because that's
what I used when I made my first too, too thin
giant platters.... took one to the college when I
had my ceramics semester ..... it was so big
it barely fit into the trunk of the car, and was
difficult to see around when carted to class ....=20
where it was
pronounced unfireable (rightfully .... as I recall
I'd been in
class maybe 8 weeks and had done no hand-
building until that time; knew no "rules" about=20
such). Besides, I'd made small,
odd little scratches on it...... not like something
I'd do at all.... I'm sure I copied it directly from
something else I'd seen ... and compared with the
size of the platter they were barely visible and
that was Before firing. Nor did it have any means
for hanging it on a wall. So I, being I, just broke
up that sucker and put it behind me .... until now.
Breaking it up really appalled the other students who
were a mite upset with our really fine teacher ....
but it taught me a lesson about knowing when to
fold 'em .... it was a good thing to do.

Anyway, arriba y adelante ...... tomorrow the
process begins...... too hot now or I'd start this

I'm going with the holes in the platter itself, as
well as feet which could be used for hanging ...
as of right now..... because I want to glaze the
bottom of the platter ..... and I'll use copper wire
incorporated into the design. Drat, forgot that
"design" is a major weakness .... well, high time
to have at that, too......... I'll be making tons
of other platters...... smaller .... so every concept
you've mentioned is going into my "hanging work"
file. We have five fenced acres, you know, with
a corral fence inside that fence as well as a westie
yard fenced just off the back patio...... wow......
visions of hangin' sugarplatters dancin' in my head.....

In the Mojave wondering where Ilene was ..... glad
she's back ...... and tickled to receive pics of
Cat's July show booth as well as the new puppy!
Ms Princess, indeed....... along with her=20
recommendations for hanging an outdoor platter.
Cat works big, you know, so she's been there......