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updated mon 28 jul 03


Karin Hurt on sat 26 jul 03

I grew up with one in Germany, you brought back good memories, wish we could
get them here.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona
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From: Steven Goldate
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Subject: Tile Stoves

> The German Society of Tile Stove Makers has kindly allowed me to translate
> English an interesting article on central European tile stoves, called in
> 'Kachelofen'. These are a type os stove/heater little known in English
> countries, but have a rich tradition in central Europe, going back to
about the 15th
> century - it's interesting stuff! See
> Steven
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George Koller on sun 27 jul 03

> I grew up with one in Germany, you brought back good memories, wish we
> get them here.
> Cheers,
> Karin


would you not just know it?

they make/find/resell/restore/and seem to love these stoves....

i'll snip this out of the section on history as i think it could be of some
general interest:

tile-stoves were once widespread especially in Central Europe, the
territories of Austro-Hungary, Germany, Bohemia, down to Northern Italy and
up to Scandinavia.

Because the poduction of tiles for stoves were made in moulds stove-craft
itself flourished between 1870 and the late 20's of the 20th century when
most of the previous styles were still in production and the well-to-do
usually had tile-stoves in each room. The money spent on stoves reflected
the position of the family in the society.

However, fragments of very early ceramic stoves dating back the Middle Ages,
the beginning of the 11th and 12th centuries, were found during the
excavations of castles and palaces.

In English speaking countries and territories alternatively fireplaces have
been always in use, which though make less efficient use of the heat from
burning due to the open fire, but allow for observation of the flames.

To attract lovers of antiques interested in tile-stoves and admiring the
astonishing atmosphere of fine pieces even in countries where tile-stoves
had not been manufactured and used earlier the stock we carry is based on
the golden age of tile-stove making.

========= and then this about the pottery.....

The tile-stove potter with a degree in applied arts

He specialised in pottery during his studies at the College of Applied Arts
and graduated as an Artist of Arts and Crafts. Since then he has equipped
his own workshop to manufacture tiles for stoves including the ones with
antique motifs and decorations of different colours. He is able to reproduce
tiles in replacement for the original ones completely broken or lost during
the long and turbulent years of the past century and has the intention to
further refine the method of manufacturing replacement tiles.


george koller
sturgeon bay, wi - door county
northport, mi - leelanau county

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