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the incredible inferiority of low fired clay!

updated fri 1 aug 03


Lily Krakowski on thu 31 jul 03

That it should be a question!

Les Maquereaux Saints as the French would say (and yes, I know enough slang
go know what I am saying, Edouard!)

Of course earthenware is not for the microwave! It also is not for the
freezer, it is not for a lot of stuff. Nor is porcellain. Nor is
stoneware. For everything there is a season--and a clay. Make your moringa
out of earthenware, make your moonshine jug out of stoneware....

But earthenware! All of the gorgeous African stuff; all of that gorgeous
Native American stuff; all that gorgeous Persian, Egyptian, and a lot of
Chinese-Japanese-Korean stuff....All that slipware I adore; all those

I am in a dead faint. Excuse me please.

(Maquereau = mackerel and is, or used to be French slang for pimps. If you
have seen a mackerel you know it is flashy and striped and the term
apparently was used to reflect on the pimps' flashy suits.)

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage....