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04 strength

updated sun 3 aug 03


mel jacobson on sat 2 aug 03

i read pete's post a few years ago, and was
not overly surprised...have seen that dense
low fire clay before in my life.

the problem with assuming that 04 is ideal, remember
the glazes that may go on 04 style pots may not be
a real tightly vitrified and strong glaze. it may still
have a problem with chipping and deep crazing.

we see that all the time in cheaply made
kitchen ware. tight clay body, poor glazes.
they do not last....but, then, they are cheap and
not meant to last a lifetime. decorated kitchen
ware that lasts as long as the design and color is popular..three
years top end.

pete's research was eye opening. and industry knows it well.
they have not been surprised at all. tight hard dense clay
bodies covered with a coat of glaze that is not going to
be permanent...but, the cost of firing is very low....and that
is what drives commercial ware...`FIRING COSTS`

this is my observation, and may not be totally accurate from
a scientific perspective...i wish others would carry on this
from the farm/HAY CREEK