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1776... where in the world will that tile be from?

updated mon 4 aug 03


Janet Kaiser on sun 3 aug 03

Just noticed that the recent arrivals for The International
Potters' Path that I mentioned were the very first tiles
from/representing Greece earlier this week, are numbered 1765
through 1774. That means we are coming up to 1776... It will be
very interesting to see where in the world #1776 is from! Eckhard
and I both think of "historic events" for each year as each tile
arrives, so I know for certain1066 was the last time I mentioned
this on Clayart. So we jump from the Battle of Hastings to... Now
what was it that happened in 1776...?

Whether it will be from the US of A? Probably not... Judging from
recent history it is more likely to be from South of the boarder
and much further than Mexico too... The Argentine? Brazil? I will
let you know!


Janet Kaiser - working on updating the "new arrivals" page of our
website and having to run down the road to have the tiles
scanned... (well actually hobble in poor old lady mode, but you
cannot see me and I can be anything and anyone I like in Cyber
Space, right?) Up until dawn this morning and back on the job
this afternoon... Still cannot install any of the down loaded
drivers... Correction: apparently installed OK, but XP still
denies it can talk to the scanner and has not put it on any of
its lists. Perhaps I should introduce them formally? But the sun
is shining and lots of tourists are turning into lobsters before
our very eyes. Idiots! It is their children and babies I get
really cross about... No sun screen in sight... Child abuse of
the worst order!
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