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arti and his mugs

updated tue 5 aug 03


Gene and Dolita Dohrman on sun 3 aug 03

So I was wrong - it just rang a bell when it was said that Arti was upset
about some mugs he was supposed to do. That was where I screwed up.
Just tried to log on to his site - I get on for a little bit but then a
Yahoo screen comes up and kicks me out. Very strange. Did see his tea
bowls - love the carving - am into that myself. He is amazing.
Arti, If I can't help you with your mugs then I will just wish you all the
best for a quick recovery - by the sounds of it - Clayart just might not
survive without you!
Dolita (You don't know me but I have been learning all about you!)

> Hey,
> You were thinking to be a kind-hearted soul, which is always a good and
> smart thing.
> I certainly knew what you meant by your first posting...hehehe
> What you might be thinking about is John H's (I'm bad with spelling)
> posting last week about the mugs for literacy. Here is the archives link
> for the message. Check it out.
> Taylor, in Waco
> On Sun, 3 Aug 2003 17:12:42 -0400, Gene and Dolita Dohrman
> wrote:
> >Just so you all know what I was thinking (do I even know sometimes!!)...I
> asked about Arti's mugs as I had remembered a posting to Clayart about a
> charitable thing that involved mugs and bowls and wondered if that is what
> Arti was involved in. Otherwise it would seem to be quite a stupid
> question if he wasn't. Now do you know what I was me
> here!! Dolita
> >
> >
> >
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