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updated tue 5 aug 03


wynne wilbur on mon 4 aug 03

Tony and Ellie,

This topic is dealt with fairly frequently, but I don't think it hurts to
bring it up again and see what current opinion is. There are many great
programs out there - a lot depends on what you want so be sure to visit if
at all possible. Think about what kind of work you make and how you want to
fire. Utah has great wood, Las Vegas has Mark Burns, New Mexico has Gina
Brobrowski (sculptural and vessels) etc.

For starters, I have to mention my alma mater - the University of Florida.
It has a great low-fire wheel person (Linda Arbuckle), sculpture person (Nan
Smith), and the technical assistant is Matt Long (wonderful porcelain soda
vessels). I went as an older student (in my 40's) and there were two
students in their 50's while I was there - don't let anyone tell you that
age should keep you from your dreams!

Other schools that get lots of mention are: U. of Nebraska (Gail Kendall,
Pete Pinnell, and ? -temporary brain gap), U. of Pennsylvania (Chris Staley
and Liz Quackenbush), U of Minnesota (don't know much about the new people
but hear great stuff about Margaret Bohls), U. of Ohio (Joe bova, brad
Schweiger and Chuck McWeeny) - lots of other good programs - hope some
others will write in with their take.
Wynne Wilbur
Assistant Professor of Art
Truman State University
660 785-4435