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surfing with helen bates - europe - submitted august 6th., 2003

updated fri 8 aug 03


Helen Bates on thu 7 aug 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - Europe - submitted August 6th., 2003

Josie Walter (near Wirksworth Derbyshire UK)

This accomplished British potter makes delightful hand thrown and=20
decorated earthenware tableware. Included on her site are descriptions=20
of her making methods, decorating and glazing techniques, and a few=20
recipes for coloured slips and glazes. Walters recently curated the=20
"Pots in the Kitchen" show in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


=D8yvind Suul (Norway) (English home page with descriptions in English an=

Ceramic Sculptor - non-representational work (or virtually so.) Does=20
2-D work on paper, and sometimes 3-D multi-media installations. THere=20
are links from this site to sculptors Trude Westby Nordmark (ceramic=20
sculpture, figural and abstract - the figurals have a sardonic aspect=20
that is inescapable); Andrew Barton (Ceramics and concrete, and perhaps=20
other materials); and Irene Nordli (works in porcelain and wood, and=20
other materials)

Samtidskunst i Leire (Oslo, Norway, 2003)

Clay Based Contemporary Art in Norway
"Clay Based Contemporary Art in Norway" is meant to give a brief survey=20
of the situation facing Norway=92s ceramists at the turn of the=20
millennium. The theme (...) is =93Concept and Material=94.
Norwegian publication with English summaries, and some images. It was=20
originally to be a printed book, before funding for this was withdrawn.=20
The book was subsequently put online. Click "English Summary" at each=20
page to jump to the English text, which is, as promised, a summary of=20
the norwegian. There are many images of work by Norwegian ceramists in=20
the Norwegian text section, so skim this part as well. You'll find a=20
lovely Arne =C5se bowl on one page, and J=F8rgen Moe's Cubus 2000, furthe=
along, for just two examples.

Scandinavian ancient pottery reproduction sales (Sweden)

The above site has some description of the ware, while on the other=20
hand, the "Scanglass" site below shows only the pieces,which are pretty=20
much the same ones:
Scanglass may be the company that manufactures these reproductions. The=20
pieces are hand made, I think.
Here's one sample: a 14th Century Beer Mug (original found at=20
Helgeandsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden)

Rough and rugged, with a wonderful sense of design.


Renate Wunderle's Galerie B15 (Munich, Germany) (Available in English=20
or German versions)

An all ceramics gallery featuring Contemporary Art of the Vessel,=20
Object, and Sculpture
The gallery features artists from the following countries:
Germany, France, Japan, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Australia,=20
Austria, England, Spain, the Netherlands and the USA. Artists: Renate=20
Balda; Gordon Baldwin; Maria Baumgartner; Michael Cleff; Claude Champy;=20
Wouter Dam; Monika Debus; Tjok Dessauvage; Ruth Duckworth; Hans Fischer;=20
Jean-Fran=E7ois Fouilhoux; Haguiko; Nica Haug; Steven Heinemann; Maren=20
Kloppmann; Beate Kuhn; Madola; Angelo Maiorana; Bodil Manz; Enrique=20
Mestre; Gertraud M=F6hwald; Christoph M=F6ller; Pit Nicolas; Jeff Oestrei=
Gwyn Hanssen Pigott; Gilbert Portanier; Karl Scheid; Ursula Scheid;=20
Klaus Schultze; Georg Schwarzbach; Jordi Serra; Claude Varlan;=20
Jean-Pierre Viot; Gotlind and Gerald Weigel; Masamichi Yoshikawa;

These next three sites are in the German language only. You can do a=20
fair translation using the machine
translation program at: ...

Elwedrit Paradise - The ceramics workshop of walter & Helge Rupp

Strange beaked creatures on everything... everywhere! The studio also=20
makes tableware, hanging lampshades, other sculpture. You may enjoy the=20
show on this page: "The birth of a Roof Lion" (Die Geburt eines=20

Ingrid und Birgit Pfeiffer

Some interesting ideas for "popular" sculptural work and a few vessels.=20
The work appears to be done in mainly low-fire or Raku glazes.

Pfauenauge Laupheim (Owner: Sylvia Brunotte)
German site again. Includes traditional East German stoneware tableware.
One of the pottery items is a three-part apple baker, where the heat=20
appears to be supplied by a tea light.

Almaviva Atelier (France)
(English version)
"Atelier" or Studio Workshop based in Paris, reproducing traditional=20
type tiles by hand such as: "azulejos", Delftware, Italian Renaissance,=20
Islamic, medieval..., and antique-style vessels and tableware. Some=20
interesting patterns shown, either of antique pieces or of copies by=20
this studio.

Greek Art & Archaeology (Japanese site)
(Japanese, English, Italian=20
versions available)
This is a very promising educational site. Featured are various styles=20
and epochs of ottery vases, and terra cotta figurines. A lot of the=20
pieces are represented by drawings. There are also various animations,=20
some of which probably require "Flash." For instance, you can make a=20
vase on the wheel (if you can figure out how the animation procedes - it=20
took me a few tries and a bit of serendipity to finally "get it.") The=20
Japanese section is the best developed, but the English is coming along;=20
in fact, some parts are in English exclusively.


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