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kiln wiring - copper & costs,,no,no

updated sun 10 aug 03


Milla Miller on sat 9 aug 03

On my first home here the builderslipped aluninum by me from the meter to the
panel and it arced and could have killed us.I sold a kiln thru a Cress
dealership I had then when they were located in KY to a former student and told her
to make sure she used copper rather than aluminum but her electrician
overruled me selling her aluminum on the basis of cheaper cost.Well she also lived to
regret thet as her kiln arced and scared the bejeebers out of her and the
next electriccian and fireman told her it was the aluminum.My father was a master
union trained electrician and told me to NEVER use aluminum as it was an
inefficient conductor and inferior and safety should dictate using copper.My
experiences have lead me to believe him.
uvl In a message dated 8/9/2003 7:40:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
putitinink@YAHOO.COM writes:

> I told the electrician that I wanted copper wire used,
> and he said that aluminum wiring was fine for the line
> run from the main panel to the subpanel, but then use
> copper wire from subpanel to outlet/kiln.