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teacher development (story)

updated mon 11 aug 03


mel jacobson on sun 10 aug 03

here is a story.

i returned to hopkins high school after a
year and a half on sabbatical to japan.
worked 12 hour days, made 10,000 pots.
had four solo exhibitions, one following hamada
at the matsua gallery, ginza. nice.

the school did not recognize my study
because it was not `academic`.
or, i did not have a paper that said it got
an mfa. no grad student in america worked
as hard, or achieved as much, or had a better
graduate show.

i was short 3 credits of academic study
that was required for my time period pre/japan
and post japan.

so the first month i was back at hopkins high school,
i took a wood working course at the local vo/tech school
or my salary would be frozen.
(i know they were pissed i took wood working, but
screw them.)

does that answer the question? most teachers must
take courses, all the time. all the time.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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