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updated tue 12 aug 03


stacey ballard on sun 10 aug 03

>But, as Ivor Lewis pointed out, it costs a lot. (College costs in this
country have risen faster than medical costs!) Is it really the best way to
spend it? Would a two-year grand-tour to visit revered potters around the
world and talking to them be a worse investment? Would putting that money
in the bank for good MEDICAL insurance and starting one’s own studio be
worse? Would spending that time in the Peace Corps, with Habitat, in a
monastery, at a Yeshiva, lead to less growth?<

Thank You Lily for pointing out that very important message. For the last nine years I have been working with clay. Due to one hundred thousand dollars in medical bills, I have been unable to return to college full time. I have often felt like I could not compete Resume to Resume with someone who had a BFA or MFA. But lately I have been focusing more on the marketing and business classes I have taken, instead of focusing on what I don't have (a degree).

I have taken all the ceramic classes I could at our community college (they only let you take ceramics 6 times) So when a lot of us ceramics folks had no where else to go, we started a co-op, so we could still work together and exchange ideas. It just opened two weeks ago.

Thank you for pointing out that there is many reasons for not continuing with higher education. We should be judged by our work not by the schools we attended or didn't attend.

Thank You,
Stacey Ballard
In beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA. where the weather is perfect and my husbands band is playing in the background.

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