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clay question: alumna hydrate & flameware

updated thu 21 aug 03


Tena Payne on wed 20 aug 03

Has anyone ever used alumna hydrate in a clay body?
Would anyone like to speculate on what it would do?
And the ratio at which one should start an experiment?

I have heard (from inside industry talk) that certain
manufacturers add alumna hydrate to reduce chipping.
I'm wondering if it would also help with thermal shock

Which brings me to the next question: Flameware. Who
of you use it, where can I buy it, what are the
downsides to using it? And any comments, please, of

I'm trying to improve the durability of my dinnerware.
I like the properties of the claybody I'm using, a
cone 8 red clay from Standard. If any of you have any
other suggestions, I'm listening. Make that
'attentive.' ;>


Birmingham, Alabama

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