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nceca '04

updated mon 25 aug 03


John Niehaus on sun 24 aug 03

Greetings Clayfolk!

I've been thinking alot about NCECA and the opportunity to
meet fellow Clayarters in person for the first time. It's important
to me that anyone who visits Indianapolis experience Hoosier
Hospitality first hand. I travelled extensively for about eight years
on business trips (back when I had a job), and I was always
grateful for the hospitality of strangers that I encountered in my
travels. So I got an idea...

I have started working on an 'unofficial' restaurant/bar guide of
Indianapolis for those Clayarters intending to come to NCECA.
You will see some places that probably won't show up on guides
generated by our chamber of commerce. I will only include
establishments that I have patronized personally so that the detailed
descriptions should give a reasonably accurate description of what
to expect. Obviously, it will be somewhat weighted toward my tastes,
but I don't think you will be disappointed. It will be posted well in
advance of NCECA.

Wishing you all flawless firings!


ps...we pulled the form on a new catenary arch car kiln this week.
It's shape is as sexy as any pot.