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way o t: math question

updated tue 26 aug 03


Maurice Weitman on sun 24 aug 03

At 8:45 PM -0400 on 8/24/03, L. P. Skeen wrote:
>Hey y'all, saw this on a website today, but we can't figure it out.
>Ginny thinks it has something to do with Pythagorean theory, but I
>Two cars sit side by side facing opposite directions on a road.
>Each car drives forward 6 miles, then makes a left turn and drives 8
>miles. How far apart are the two cars?
>_I_ thought the answer should be 28 miles, but that wasn't one of
>the choices for the answer. What's the right answer?

I'd say 20 miles, and I believe Pythagoras would agree. The cars'
paths described the two right-angled sides of two, 6x8x10 triangles,
so they're the distance of the two hypotenuses, or 2x10.

And I didn't even ask my math teacher wife.