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i did the math

updated thu 28 aug 03


Stacey Beth Shulman on wed 27 aug 03

hi y'all-

thank you for all of the excellent advice. as my work takes off, all of these little things become more complicated.

so i went ahead and priced the plates at $20. i will sell them at all galleries for that price. if they are not moving, i may drop the price a few dollars. not every shop will get the same design. of the 3 stores i sell them in now, 2 have requested special designs that will only be sold there. the other store will get a variety of designs.

the plates themselves started as just little warm-ups for bigger platters and bowls. that they have taken off so well is a happy accident.


stacey beth shulman
hand built pottery, etc...
decatur, ga.