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classes in st. johns, newfoundland, canada: september to november 2003

updated thu 4 sep 03


Janet Kaiser on wed 3 sep 03

From: Clay Studio

Clay in the Day:
Tuesdays 9:30am - 12:30pm
This will be a general introduction to pottery techniques,
including hand building and wheel throwing. This class is
suitable for beginners as well as experienced potters, as
students will be encouraged to work out their individual ideas.
Ten weeks, beginning September 23
Instructor: Elayne Greeley

Intro to Clay :
Tuesdays 7 - 10pm
This class will be a general introduction to pottery techniques.
Students will learn handbuilding methods as well as the basics of
throwing on the potter=92s wheel. Decorating techniques will
also be introduced.
Ten weeks, beginning September 23
Instructor: TBA

Teens After School:
Wednesdays 3:30 - 5:30
Students will be encouraged to bring their own ideas to class,
but will also have the opportunity to learn about clay through
specific projects. Sculptures as well as functional items will
be made.
Ten weeks, beginning September 24
Instructor: Lesley Breen-Hall

Basic Throwing:
Wednesdays 7 - 10pm
An introduction to the wheel! Learn how to make bowls, mugs and
vases, among other things. Discover the joys and challenges of
working on the wheel.
Ten weeks, beginning September 24
Instructor: TBA

Throwing and Altering:
Thursdays 7 - 10pm
Learn to use the wheel to make a huge variety of forms. Throwing
and altering lets you make oval, rectangular and irregular forms
on the pottery wheel. A fun course for people with some
experience on the wheel.
Ten weeks, beginning September 25
Instructor: Isabella St. John

Saturday Morning Kids:
Saturdays 10am - noon
Students will be encouraged to work out their own ideas through
drawing at the beginning of each class. Functional and
sculptural items will be made with close guidance.
Ten weeks, beginning September 27
Instructor: Lesley Breen-Hall

Cups and Mugs:
No experience necessary! A one-time workshop for beginners about
making mugs and cups. Participants will make a mug and decorate
it with their own design. The final product will be appropriate
for use as a drinking vessel.
September 15, 7-10pm

Portrait Workshop with Gerry Squires:
This workshop, which will take place at the studio of Gerry
Squires, will focus on low-relief portrait sculpture. By working
with a master of the technique, students will learn to turn a
photograph into a life-like clay image.
October 18 - 19

Raku Firing with Gerry Squires:
A follow up to the portrait workshop. Decorate and fire your
sculptures using the raku technique. Learn the process of raku
and how it create lustrous metallic surfaces.
November 15

Goblet Workshop:
Work on your techniques for making cups and stems, as well as on
joining them together. Students will be instructed in making a
variety of different forms and using them to create unique
goblets and wine glasses.
November 1 and 2, 1-5pm
Instructor: Alexis Templeton

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Janet Kaiser
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