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misc: rutile, rudeness and like that.

updated wed 3 sep 03


Lily Krakowski on tue 2 sep 03

Thanks for the rutile/iron chromate answers. I kinda knew that but was
hoping my next series of slip/glaze tests could be made easier. When will I
learn NOTHING in clay can be made easier....

Rudeness/wake up call. Ok. Once more with strong feeling. Everyone on
CLAYART is serious. Period. Serious in the sense of earnest. Many have
spent their lives in clay. Many are in clay as a metaphor for a particular
view of life. Many have spent years teaching or working in the technical
aspects of clay. EVERYONE on Clayart donates the best s/he can.

Ignorance does not bother grumpy rigid old people like me. What DOES is
flippancy, indifference, a general "Hey! You! Yo!" attitude. I am sure there
are psychologists/psychiatrists on the list who could explain this better.
But my point is that if you show blipping indifference, you are showing are saying "I don't give a mouse fart about this, but will
exploit the fact that you do."

As far as I am concerned not one answer was rude ("impolite", for the Brits)
(whatever happened to the fantasy of Mid-Atlantic English?) The answers were
direct reflections of the questions. Tit for Tat.

I feel so GOOD about being grumpy and rigid! Being comfortably settled in
ideas and ways I have spent some 60 years perfecting,my mind now is totally
open to the new!

Lili Krakowski
Constableville, N.Y.

Be of good courage....