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kiln wash again!

updated sat 6 sep 03


Les Haworth on fri 5 sep 03

Hi Llewellyn.
I used to use and promote the old standard 50% EPK and 50% flint. (Silica is
the contemporary term.) Now thru testing and experimentation, I have come up
with an improved formula for kiln wash. Here is my modified formula.
45% EPK
45% Silica 200 mesh
8% Alumina Oxide
2% Sierralite (Talc)*

I know that I'll get flak from some clay arter's re: the addition of talc,
but please give it a try. I think it works well.
Haven't tried it in soda, salt, or wood so please let me know how it works
for your application. For more recipes, search the clayart archives for
Kiln Wash.

Good firings,

Lester R. Haworth III
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"I never collaborated with him or anyone else, ever. I mean, you don't
collaborate on your art with somebody. That's your own personal and only
thing that you have that's yours, period." ~ Peter Voulkos

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This week I am getting ready for another glaze process. I did up the kiln
shelves and found my note card says:
1/2 flint + 1/2 Kaolin question is. Flint powdered or Flour flint.
Which is the best for the kiln shelf wash....or does someone like something
better for cone 9 firings.
I want to make a final notation for my bucket. I know the blender sure
works nice to get it smooth. Thanks in advance

Llewellyn Kouba

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