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planting trees/woodfiring

updated sat 6 sep 03


Maid O'Mud on thu 4 sep 03

We personally planted over 1000, and had the local Conservation group plant
another 5000. I know Mel has planted thousands as well. I planted the
trees to restore the land, which had been a horse/cattle pasture and was
totally dead mud. Twelve years later we have 3 story trees to sit under.

Oh, and we occasionally woodfiring using standing deadwood and strut
trimmings (garbage) from the local roof strut factory.

Don't be so quick to point fingers.

sam - getting off her soapbox in Melbourne; planning this weekend's
woodfiring :-))))

Sam - Maid O'Mud Pottery
Melbourne, Ontario CANADA

"First, the clay told me what to do.
Then, I told the clay what to do.
Now, we co-operate."
sam 1994

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Pat Southwood said:

> How many of you woodfirers are planting trees?