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sex change operation...possible sex change derby...wood fired or

updated sat 6 sep 03


Craig Dunn Clark on fri 5 sep 03


David, sex change operations on Clayart!?!? I guess an off hand type of
relationship could be made to link the aformentioned to clay in some
fashion. Perhaps some type of "sex-change" derby ought to be held, right
here on the net with jpegs of our latest clay vision of the wood-fired (or
is it) sex change. A before and after sorta thing.The pieces don't even need
to be of the homo sapien variety. Let's just let the imaginations go.
As to the performance of the new, er, a "equipment" whose to say. This
query might best be answered by the folks that have em, or not, as the case
may be.
Written with tongue firmly implanted in cheek
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 st
Houston, Texas 77008

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From: "David Hendley"
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 12:53 PM
Subject: Sex change operation

> Trying to fire pots in an electric kiln so they look gas or
> wood fired is a lot like having a sex change operation.
> It's long and hard.
> If you're determined you can do it, but the results will
> never be as good someone who already has the right
> equipment.
> David Hendley
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