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woodfiring and walmart

updated sat 6 sep 03


Paul Herman on fri 5 sep 03

Hello over there Pat,

I think wood is cheaper over here in North America, of course depending
on where you are. I have a wood burning kiln, and much of the wood we
use is industrial scrap. There are several factories nearby that build
roof trusses, and give us all the scraps we want. If we didn't use them,
the factories would either haul them to the landfill, or burn them in a

The rest is windfall, bug killed or fire killed Pine. I buy it from the
Plumas National Forest (at $10.00 per cord) or from a neighboring
landowner in trade for Pots. A cord equals a stack 4'X4'X8'. I have to
fall, cut and haul the Pine.

I've never harvested living trees for fuel, but if I had planted
thousands of them, like David Hendley or Sam, I wouldn't feel bad about
it. I have sometimes obtained wood from forest thinning projects, an
activity that is showing an increase in the western US. For the next
quite-a-few years, I think these thinnings are going to be available
around the intermountain West. I could get a large truckload of logs for
about $700.00, delivered (roughly 12 cords).

I really laughed at your ABC of diaphragm glazing.


Paul Herman
Great Basin Pottery
423-725 Scott Road
Doyle, California 96109 US

>From: Pat Southwood

> We live in a huge privatly owned estate that runs its own woodyard. I
> have enquired about purchasing scrap wood in order to do woodfiring, but =
> is way above my price range.
> Maybe wood is a lot cheaper in your country?
> Just to give you an idea of prices, I buy scrap wood from the estate
> woodyard for my woodburner in the workshop, I chop it myself and am
> charged =A335.00 a load. When I have chopped a load into pieces small enoug=
> for the woodstove it only fills 11 fertilizer bags. I am in the workshop=
> days a week and I have to buy at least 2 loads to get me through the
> winter. Apparently I get the wood a bit cheaper than others too, as my
> premises are owned by the estate (as is almost everything in a 10 mile ra=