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an advise is needed my foodless ash glaze!

updated sun 7 sep 03


Ababi on sat 6 sep 03

I need your advise.
I achieved a beautiful glaze, a very beautiful glaze.
Not for food!
On the back of the last plate I made I even wrote: "Not for food" with
an engob!
Every "mistake" was done deliberately! Again, to "beat" Mark& Dave in my
own oxidation field!

The price is that it is a "foodless" ware!
I need to know, besides all the "bad" things I tell you is there any
problem to use it for decorative wares? Will it shiver or any other
I want to add here!
I am not sure exactly why, but the expansion does not take much place in
my glazes, I do watch it, but I hardly have any problem.
Of course this one is defiantly not a regular glaze: It is glossy runny.
I use the ash analysis of Herbert Sanders

Cone 6 1222 deg.C. -

zinc oxide 15.00
silica 20.00
ball clay AK 15.00
Lithium Carbonate 5.00
common ash 45.00
Copper oxide black 3.00
Rutile 5.00

Seger Weight%
KNO 0.077 3.67%
CaO 0.396 13.31%
MgO 0.094 2.27%
ZnO 0.316 15.40%
Li2O 0.116 2.08%
Al2O3 0.169 10.29%
P2O5 0.014 1.22%
SiO2 1.292 46.47%
TiO2 0.111 5.29%
K2O 0.042 2.34%
Na2O 0.036 1.33%
Al:Si 7.65
Expan. 7.96
ST 394.20

Clay Body White to buff
Colour clear and light green
Glaze Type ash

Thank you for any comment!

Ababi Sharon
Glaze addict
Kibbutz Shoval Israel