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quick release molds for bats - question

updated fri 12 sep 03


Nick Molatore on wed 10 sep 03

Has anyone used the molded plaster bats =
( to throw plates =
upside down? The shape of the top of the plate is determined by the bat =
you throw the bottom and foot. I am curious if this works.

Dan Bowen on thu 11 sep 03

I use the system and am content. I work in porcelian. Others have complained
about wobble in the finished product. I found that when you place the key
into the plaster form you must place a wieght like a 5 gak bucket with 2 gal
of water inside to be sure the excess plaster is forsed out of the vent
holes. Hand pressure has not been enough to get a flat bottom. The
fiberglass reinfoursment is necessary, I pour 2/3 of the plaster, shake the
form, put in a pre cut fiberglass disk and pour the rest of the plaster.
I purchased a plywood bat and mounted the male key to it and it makes it
easy to remove from the wheelhead.

Dan Bowen
Weirwood Station Pottery
Eastern Shore of Virginia

Carole Fox on thu 11 sep 03

Nick asked:
Has anyone used the molded plaster bats
( to throw plates upside

Well..I haven't, but I did make my own plaster molds and then laid slabs on
them and threw the slabs, attaching and throwing a coil foot. It worked fine
but I prefer
throwing without the molds- I guess just cuz it's more fun. You can make
your own molds from wet clay models that you throw on the wheel. That way,
you will still get throwing rings- if you want them.
Carole Fox
Elkton, MD