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on kiln wash by dana & chris trabka

updated sat 13 sep 03


Llewellyn Kouba on fri 12 sep 03

I fire to cone 10 in reduction. My clay is porcelain and a special mix of
porcelain and white stoneware. My favorite glazes are copper reds, rutile
blues, and some ash glazes. Of course I use kiln wash.
Some hints:
I mix in some CMC into the kiln wash (mix the CMC with boiling water on the
stove and mix for at least 10 minutes). The CMC decreases the flaking of
the kiln wash (onto your pots).
I apply the kiln wash with a wall paper brush. The ridges left by the brush
allow the pots to "float" a bit. Larger pieces do not crack as often.
If you could post this on clayart I would appreciate it (I generally only
have time to look at the archives once or twice a week)
(forwarded) by Llewellyn Kouba Abbey Pottery