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duncan cone 06 glaze

updated fri 19 sep 03


Kathie Wheater on wed 17 sep 03

>I may be able to buy very cheap some Duncan Cone 06 glazes. About 3 55
>gallon barrels full of 4 oz jars. Glazes do not appear to be dried up.

>Do you think I might be able to mix these with some Cone 6 base glazes and
>get some good glazes?

>Anyone got any suggestions about the mix or what to look out for in the
>mixing. I don't want them running all over my shelves.


Test the glazes under a ^6 clear hi calcium no zinc glaze.

DON'T mix. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

I got a bunch of ^06 stuff (Duncan, Mayco, Ceramichrome) at a garage sale.

They make awsome underglazes but....TEST, TEST, TEST.

I mentioned this in a previous post. In my opinion, the duncan Amaze-a-Glaze

and Mayco One Strokes are brighter and truer than some amaco underglazes

under my ^6 clear glaze. I've painted on greenware to set and painted on bisque

ware. Try applying over the fired ^6 glaze and fire down to ^06. Play with it.

If it's cheap do it. Nothing ventured.........

Have Fun,

Gotta run, kids on the roof

better than me climbing the walls