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flowers of clay & toxicity question

updated sat 20 sep 03


ccpottery@BELLSOUTH.NET on fri 19 sep 03

Carole -

To capture delicate objects and fine details, I use liquid latex.

You can dip the face of the flower to capture the texture ... then let it hang upside down
to dry ... then dip it again. Use another similar flower to capture the textures on the back
of the flower.

I have dipped whole objects in ordinary slip, then fired it with great results. Can be
quite delicate ... depends on how many layers of slip, how thick ... etc

NOW ... I have no personal experience with this but ..... I have heard discussions
where potters obtained the stuff dentists use to make impressions of teeth and had
success molding objects with it. You have to use the resulting mold right away because
this stuff shrinks like crazy overnight. But they say the detail is amazing.

Does anyone out there know if it would just burn away in the kiln leaving the pottery
flower behind?? Is is toxic as it burns?

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - safe and sound ... branches all over the yard, but no
trees down. Funny quote from a columnist in our paper ...' Waiting for a hurricane is like
having company coming next week who call you every ten minutes to let you know they
are still on their way ... and bringing the family dog who is ill'