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counter top tiles - and hot cooking pots and pans being set on

updated wed 24 sep 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 23 sep 03


Hi Christine,

I would recommend to him that he appreciate the notion and
the habit of either a Trivet or a Cutting Board (or if
'Tobacco Road' is his romance, than some handy 'Magazine' or
Book they shall not read anyway) for 'Hot' Cooking Pots and
Pans to be set on.

One can also use a 'Cooling Rack' as one does for Cakes and
so on...

Maybe the area as would be most favoured for the setting of
'Hot' Pots and Pans could also have a Maple, or even heavy
Sheet Copper or Iron section as anticipates the gesture...or
an area of Red Brick...

Truely, just because it is 2003, does not mean it should be
lost on an otherwise affluent suburbanite, that it is a
whole lot sloppy and boorish to set Hot Cooking Pots and
the like on Tiles (or Furniture or Floors or a lot of other

That's what I'd tell 'em nicely as my mood of
the moment might recommend...

And get back to the enough of a headache as it is
anyway...of the 'Tiles' themselves...

Good luck!

Las Vegas

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From: "Christine Caswell"
Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 2:23 PM
Subject: Counter top tiles

I am making porcelain backsplash tiles for a friend. I am
using Standard Clay Co #257 fired to cone10 without
difficulty. Now he is asking for countertop tiles as well.
He wants durable thermal shock resistant tiles so that he
can set hot pots and pans on the counter. I wrote to
Standard and they said that while durability shouldn't be a
problem thermal shock may be. Can anyone recommend a
white/whitish clay body that fires to cone10 (so I won't
have to reformulate and try to fill my kiln with enough ware
to warrant a firing to another cone) and meets the
requirements for durability and thermal shock? I don't mind
if the shrinkage is different than the porcelain because it
doesn't really matter if the backslash and the counter tile
are slightly different sizes. Any ideas and/or stories from
experience would be appreciated.


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