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updated wed 24 sep 03


Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on tue 23 sep 03

News from Tile HeritageDan,
They did change their website. See attached

----- Original Message -----=20
From: Tile Heritage Foundation=20
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 6:48 PM
Subject: News from Tile Heritage

IMPORTANT MESSAGE!, the original Tile Heritage Foundation website, is no =
longer being maintained by its Webmaster, and Tile Heritage has no =
access to the site to make any changes.=20


Link to the new Tile Heritage website NOW!

ARE YOU LINKED? If you have a website, link to =, the newly established, official site of the =
Tile Heritage Foundation. On the Home Page, click on =B3Who Supports =
THF?=B2 If you find your name or the name of your business, an immediate =
link can be established. Simply email with =
your website address and we will link you up!

NOT LINKED? If you have a website and you are not listed in =B3Who =
Supports THF?=B2 you may still link up. The charge is $100 a year, =
payable up front, and includes a Tile Heritage =B3Centurian=B2 =
membership. If you are already a THF member, send us the difference =
between $100 and your last membership contribution along with your =
website and we will link you up!

NEED A LINK? If you don=B9t have a website, we will create a page for =
you, linked to the Tile Heritage website. Send us an image in jpeg =
format no larger than 4=B2 x 6=B2 @ 72 dpi resolution (or mail us a =
slide or print). Include a paragraph (limit 100 words) about who you are =
and what you do along with your contact information. The text should be =
placed in the body of an email; the image should be sent as an =
attachment. Cost: $100 a year including a Tile Heritage =B3Centurian=B2 =

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