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co, continued

updated thu 25 sep 03


Mert & Holly Kilpatrick on wed 24 sep 03

I am pleased to report back that our new CO detector (that I ran right out
to Home Depot and bought), registered 15 on a bisque firing and nothing on a
glaze firing. It was plugged in about 10 feet from the kiln. Electric 7 cu
ft, cone 06 and 6 firings. No vent. Several windows and 2 doors were open.
Now I read elsewhere that it should be placed nearer the ceiling - it was in
the wall plug, which of course is not conveniently near the ceiling.
However, I think if it's that low at the plug, it can't be too bad a few
feet higher up.

I also put one in our bedroom, because our bedroom window faces back towards
our workshop. It didn't register anything. Of course, that's just CO,
there are lots of other fumes that chase you out of the studio, not to
mention the heat.

East Bangor, PA
looking forward to moving our kilns to the workshop basement with vents this

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> After the recent posts on CO from electric kilns I am surprised this
> does not include all kilns - as it should? And the instalation of CO
> detectors should be mandatory - in case the wind is blowing the wrong way
> and air flow does not do the job.
> RR