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updated thu 25 sep 03


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 24 sep 03

Hi Carla,

I agree...

Or, in any event, the old drill was to set the Tiles in
mortar, which was called 'Float' or floating them.

Old Kitchens sometimes had Tile walls, or, Tile
backsplashes, which I think were very nice, and could be
done sweetly and tastefully and in many ways.

Certainly Bathrooms as well at one time, were Tiled

I did have a comission (some years ago) to design and make a
Tiled Bathroom. To design and make all the Tiles and set
them and so do the whole thing.

I was thrilled !

The floor, walls and so on, were to all be Tile. And almost
none of the Tiles being square or rectangular on the floor,
or for the Tub ( which was to be Tiled as well) but for some
courses on the Walls as would be. Tub-Shower closet, was to
be made entire as well...

Then these poor folks lost everything ( and then some) in
the 'nazzzdak' justice, and so the project was scrubbed,
which was sad for me.

But it was all to have been floated, all full of curves and
wiggles, includeing the sink-stand, and overall was
something as would remind one of the work of Gaudee and
Jojul back when. I was also to make the Faucets for the sink
and shower and their handles, of cast Brass, and maybe
Nickle Plate them, in some fashion as would compliment the
whole ( useing conventional stems under them).



Las Vegas

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From: "Gary and Carla Goldberg"

> Christine - I don't think you will find what you are
looking for. Clay is
> not designed to take that kind of immediate extreme
temperature changes.
> Even stoneware designed for cooking is to be heated up
slowly as the oven is
> in the preheat stage. As a tile artist myself, I would
not have any
> confidence that it would work and give the homeowner any
kind of guarantee.
> As a side note - When (and if) you install the tiles on a
> countertop - you might have to add a layer of wood to
decrease the amount of
> flexing on the current countertop. This will decrease the
chance of the
> grout cracking over time. Counters tops with tile usually
have a thicker
> subsurface than a basic countertop. Good Luck!
> -Carla