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mick goes to italy

updated fri 26 sep 03


clennell on thu 25 sep 03

Sour Cherry Pottery

>> I have seen Casson's book. He would not get hired to throw in Italia.

The Italians are no fools. Mick is a regular presenter at La Meridana in
Tuscany(where Marcia Selsor goes).
As for the technique of keeping the air in the form one only needs to watch
my favourite cult film Issac Button Country Potter. Issac uses a ball of
clay/ maybe wood to put in the top of a collared in neck of a 28 lb cider
jar when he lifts it off the wheel.
If the Italians had a chance they would have hired Issac too. Threw a ton of
clay per day. 2000 lids at a sitting. there is a picture in the old Fournier
Mick learned many of his techniques from Cypriot potters. so I think the
Mediterrean may have more tricks up it's sleeve than just moving clay.

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