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lampshades source

updated sat 27 sep 03


Bonnie Staffel on fri 26 sep 03

Dear Clayarters,

I am of the opinion that when a company who serves potters with good
products, service and personal care, they need to be mentioned on this list
as a resource. I have just done business with a lampshade maker who made
them to my specifications. I had created some very tall bases fired in a
pit fire and did not want the usual commercial looking shades. I knew this
company was from Maumee, my hometown just outside of Toledo, so thought I
would contact them. The shades turned out just great. I have no financial
interest in their company, but want to thank them for their super service
and to recommend them to Clayarters who might need hand made shades. You
can see the bases on my Recent Works page on my website so you will
understand that I needed something unusual. I also might mention their
shades are very reasonably priced. The URL is They also have an 800 number for
contact to get the password to their price list.
Regards, Bonnie Staffel