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surfing with helen bates - scandinavian sites - sept. 27th., 2003

updated sun 28 sep 03


Helen Bates on sat 27 sep 03

Surfing with Helen Bates - Scandinavian sites - Sept. 27th., 2003

Etel=E4-Karjalan Musem - Karelia, Finland

These Neolithic vessels found in Finland have round bases and are shaped=20
like a halved eggshell. They are decorated with different imprints and=20
hole-like indentations made by pressing with fingernails or a hollow=20
bone. Another ornamentation style long in use was "Combed Ware", a name=20
which comes from the comb-like stamp used to decorate the vessels.

Peter Tybjerg (Assens, Denmark)
(English section available)
Danish ceramist and sculptor

Jytte Moller (Jytte M=F8ller) (Denmark)

This artist's work has a strong design component. She states that her=20
ceramic works today may be characterized by "a recognized influence from=20
the Far East - distinguished (...) by a classical simplicity and a=20
minimalist expression. Her body of work includes larger hand built=20
sculptural pieces in stoneware, and wheel thrown / modeled pieces where=20
"the functional use and the sculptural expression enter (...) a very=20
visible dialogue." Additionally, she makes tabletop items of wheel=20
thrown or mould-cast porcelain. For these, she states, "the criteria=20
are: simplicity, beauty and functionalism."

Knabstrup Pottery, Denmark
(In Danish only - look for a Danish / English translation program or=20
just click around.)
Historic Danish pottery company

Dansk Keramik
(Danish only)
Morten L=F8bner Espersen
Bente Skj=F8ttgaard
Anne Kj=E6rsgaard
Danish Ceramists:

(English available)
An international ceramic research center for the development of ceramic=20
arts. Professional artists from all over the world can meet each other,=20
be inspired, accomplish specific projects, or explore new techniques,=20
materials and firings. Guldagerg=E5rd is the studio and research=20
department of the Museum of International Ceramic Art, Denmark. See the=20
"Grimmerhus" link for thumbnails of the Museum's collection.

Uppsala Ceramics - Ekeby and St. Eriks (Uppsala, Sweden)
(Some English available)
The main interest for me was the "Ekeby" and the "S:t Eriks=20
Lervarufabriker" sections. Click on "Go there" ("Ga dit")



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