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"ceramics in america" 2003 - chipstone foundation (milwaukee, wi,

updated mon 29 sep 03


Helen Bates on sun 28 sep 03


"Ceramics in America" 2003 - Chipstone Foundation (Milwaukee, WI, USA)
(Site suggested by Merry Outlaw)
The 2003 edition of this annual journal on historical and contemporary
pottery of America is now available from the UPNE Press. It can be
ordered online, but for Clayart subscribers there is a $10 discount if
they order it by phone or fax (See below.) To order online click
"Series Index", then scroll down and click "Series Index" a second time;
click on the bullet beside "Ceramics in America Annual"; click on the
year 2003, scroll down; click on "Add this book to cart." You're on
your own from there. Remember, Clayart subscribers can get a discount,
but will have to use the toll-free phone number or fax number Merry
Outlaw provides in the quoted text below, and quote the special order
code she mentions:
> (...) This journal, and the two
> previous, are now available to Clayart subscribers Special Price
$42 each
> postpaid--regular price is $55, not including shipping and handling.
> Orders can be made by phone: 800.421.1561; fax 603.643.1540; or at
>, and be sure to use ORDER CODE: CIA2.

The Chipstone Foundation (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

An excellent site for which I have only one complaint: that it's
somewhat counter-intuitive getting to the area of the site that is of
particular interest to the lover of ancient pottery.
Click "Digital", click large image behind smaller one labelled "If these
Pots could Talk", click arrow for the commencement of the tour of this
collection, including a Quicktime video, or skip the first three pages
by clicking on "Guide." The images you will see at first are large
thumbnails. They can be clicked on to bring up a larger image which is
"mapped" so you can click on individual pots within the image to bring
up an even larger and more detailed image if you wish. The text
provided for these images is both readable and useful.


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