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witches' teats and large bowls

updated sat 4 oct 03


Lily Krakowski on fri 3 oct 03

Phil: If you ever meet a woman who LIKES ice cold hands on her bare
breasts, she probably IS a witch, or has other supernatural powers. Careful.

Kelly: I was bottle fed...and love bowls....In fact most of the pots I make
ARE bowls.

As to throwing big. Mel is right (comme toujours) about bracing elbow
inside thigh. The proper locale is about where 5"-6" shorts end. About
midthigh. You can do this even when you throw standing up, as I do, by
putting your left foot up on a milkcrate, block, or similar.

Practice with a mirror (In fact a throwing mirror is a wonderful thing, just
to check your throwing movements ANYWAY.) You use your thigh muscles to
push your left forearm. Practice this. It is a sort of lever effect. Just
use your thigh muscle and propel your arm towards the right. Practive by
putting something like a heavy box (full 3 lbs, CLOSED coffee can) on
wheelhead and pushing it off to the right.

And Large Platters. One can just throw the bottom first. Then make a coil
or two attach, and throw that.

Lili Krakowski
Constableville, N.Y.

Be of good courage....

Lesley Alexander on fri 3 oct 03

I read somewhere that the origin of witch's broomsticks was a dildo... =
which induces flying, of course... Lesley