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where/who study...lee's questions answered

updated mon 6 oct 03


Laura Moon on sun 5 oct 03

Dear Lee,

The questions you asked me in response to my post were great. I want to thank
you (and everyone else who responded) for taking the time to respond so
thoughtfully. It helped me to focus. Here are my responses...

My favorite potters are Maria Martinez, Sang Roberson, Kitty Couch, Gail
Kendall, Monica Young, Native American and particularly African pottery. I coil my
pots with terra cotta, apply texture and sometimes slip trailing and finish
them with terra sigilata, stains, etc. I like strong quiet forms. My clay
background so far is informal. I have taken classes most recently at our local
community college, university, workshops at the Armory Art Center. I have been
working out of my garage for the last 8 years. Monitoring clayart since 1998,
reading everything and anything I could about clay, books, magazines, internet. I
have experimented with various low fire techniques (I have an electric kiln).
Tried my hand at throwing, various handbuilding techniques, majolica, slips
and engobes, mixing glazes. And my favorite so far is coiling and terra
sigilata. I am currently experimenting with different colored terra sigilata, etc.

I have been surfing the web, particularly the Alliance of Artists
Communities. Of all the craft schools that I have looked at (recently and over the years)
I like the Archie Bray Foundation so far, although I am open to go anywhere.
My concerns are that without formal education (BFA/MFA) I will not be able to
get into any of these programs. I will remain optimistic. Do you/or anyone
have any feedback regarding this concern? I would appreciate any help.

Thanks again,
Laura Moon