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teabowls,breasts: viking style

updated tue 7 oct 03


Stephani Stephenson on sun 5 oct 03

Oh yes Kelly the analogy is played out in various forms

When I was a younger and wilder thing
my dear friend Cheri came from the east coast
to the lovely Palouse. She brought with her a great
(though I suspect it was of her own making)
which she called the Viking women tradition.

At sundown of the evening of the full moon
(or new moon, or whatever phase of the moon you choose,

We would stand together , 5 or 6 of us
holding between us, the ceremonial breastplate
(usually , a large wok)
holding the breastplate at chin level, by the rim

the ceremonial breastplate would then be filled with beer
and we would begin a circular tipping motion with the
as the great tide of beer circumnavigated the periphery of
the breastplate
the Viking woman was honor bound to slurp it , with Viking
vigor as it came around.
I don't know if we ever drained it, though I think we were
supposed to
acch how can you ever drain it? ..
as it is the fount of life?

we were known usually to collapse in giggles and then
commence joyful plunder
in field, farm ,and town.
A teabowl would have served our daintier pursuits,
but would not have given us the vigor we needed to wrestle
cartwheel down hills and leap hay bales , as was our

Stephani Stephenson