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sumi-e brushstroke workshop for potters nov 12-14

updated wed 8 oct 03


Jerry Dean on tue 7 oct 03

Hi All......
Just got word of a fantastic Sumi-e brushstroke workshop for potters
Sumi-e artist... Frederica Marshall in Deer Isle, Maine. The dates are
Nov 12-14 3 days in her studio. Learn basic brushstrokes of Asians
potters, splatter and drip techniques and study authentic pieces of pottery from
Mashiko, Tsuboya and Yomitan kilns in Japan.....with artist and painter who lived
there for 28 years. Learn brush strokes techniques that directly apply to
your glazing techniques
. Dates are Nov- 12, 13, 14 time 10am -4pm..... $300 covers all workshop
costs. participants are encouraged to stay at local B&Bs.
registration is $100 nonrefundable to Frederica Marshall 81 N. Deer
Isle Rd,
Deer Isle Maine 04627
please call or e-mail Frederica with additional questions
207-348-2782 or
e-mail her @
Space is limited...........join the fun